Ethan Garcia

Ethan Garcia

'Because I Can': Cyclist Kristin Armstrong Wins Third Gold Medal At Age 42

Cyclist Kristin Armstrong has a regular job and a son. And as of today, she also has three Olympic gold medals.

"Why she's come out of retirement and still wants to compete at an elite level despite her age and the several hip surgeries ....... Armstrong said, but she adds that she has only one reply: "Because I can."
"She doesn't have glitzy endorsement deals that make her a household name. ....She was allowed to cut her hours down to 16 hours a week last fall, she said, so her family's health insurance would remain in effect while she trained for the Rio Summer Games. Her son, Lucas, was born in 2010."

Sofia Perello

Sofia Perello I can't believe she has a day job! There was another recent article on Olympians with day jobs--