Violet Grant

Violet Grant

The Town That Decided to Send All Its Kids to College

Residents of Baldwin, Michigan, pooled together their money to provide scholarships for everyone, and it changed the town profoundly. Please consider disabling it for our site, or supporting our work in one of these ways Subscribe Now > BALDWIN, Mich.-College was never much of an option for most students in this tiny town of 1,200 located in the woods of the Manistee National Forest.

"The story of Baldwin begins to answer the question: What does it look like if everyone in a community goes to college?"

Youngbin Yoon

Youngbin Yoon This is an amazing story! I wonder what attributes so strongly to the success of Baldwin? The idea seems controversial (it could easily be argued as a Communist policy and, for better or worse, thereby painted in a negative light) and so I think the town's success is based on more than just the idea that people contribute money for a collective goal. In my head, it stems to the belief in each other / themselves. Every student is made aware that they are given the opportunity to succeed and shown that a literal town of people believe in them, and then are asked to live up to this belief -- that strikes me as the defining pillar of the town's success. There's a lot of room to talk about this story, thanks for the AWESOME story!!!


Vidushi Sharma

Vidushi Sharma ^ I agree, this seems to connect with what you were saying about how a teacher/mentor's belief in a student is a huge motivation for him/her to try his/her hardest to succeed. In this case, it was the belief of an entire town! It certainly must help that it's a small town, so the kids probably personally knew everyone who showed some investment in their education.