Vidushi Sharma

Vidushi Sharma

I've been learning a lot about homeschooling recently, and am fascinated by different families' paths towards the choice to homeschool. Some people are motivated by religious reasons, others by the lack of education in a special subject that their child loves (i.e., ecology or philosophy).

It seems that many homeschoolers stop by the time high school rolls along (and certainly for college), and I'm wondering about the transition to "regular" schooling.

Has anyone experienced it, and what has it been like for you or your child? Susanna Olson?

Susanna Olson

Susanna Olson I think transitioning into a new environment is something quite a few homeschooling parents worry about. Funny my sisters and I were just discussing this last night. Me and my siblings were all homeschooled from pre-school all the way through 12th grade. For us the transition into "regular school" has gone pretty well so far. My oldest brother graduated summa cum laude from his university and is now working for a non-profit organization that he is passionate about. My second oldest brother dropped out of college when his iPhone app won an apple design award and started his own business. My older sister is about to graduate. She LOVED every bit of college and has very few complaints about the transition. She said the hardest thing was learning to follow instructions after being independent for so long. Also, she sometimes found that classes moved frustratingly slow as she was used to being able to move at her own pace all the time.


George Cohen Lee

George Cohen Lee I've had some homeschooled friends, and I'm always struck by how unique each of their experiences is. Telling that you mentioned that your sister's biggest problem was classes moving too slowly! Susanna, have you experienced the transition yourself? I wonder if people can tell at first who homeschooled kids are- I might expect their ways of thinking to go outside the box! But maybe not- maybe people's educational experiences are more similar than I think.