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Stanford researchers debunk popular flight models by flying birds through lasers
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Stanford reserachers trained parrotlets to wear cute laser goggles and fly through laser beams in order to study the air particles and vortices and thereby validate models of lift produced off its wake. They found that assumptions in all existing models were "wrong".
"The results are commonly referenced for work on flying robots and drones inspired by the biology of these animals. Bio-inspired robots are a specialty of Lentink – his students developed the first flapping robot that can take off and land vertically like an insect and a swift-like robot with wings that deform as it swoops and glides.

Source: http://news.stanford.edu/2016/12/05/birds-flying-laser-light-reveal-faults-flight-research/

Anju Sharma

Anju Sharma What an amazing idea to get the teeny weeny parrots to wear goggles for protection and research! Can we say no bird was harmed in testing?