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A few weeks ago, I headed back to Cuba to visit friends and family. While I was there, Michael asked me and some friends, including Vidushi Sharma, to create another mural. Being the ambitious folks we are, we decided to try to make TWO murals-- one small one on the side of the new Cultural Center (!!!!), and another nearby on a medic's house. Due to weather complications, we only were able to complete the painting on the side of the cultural center, but we left paint and money so that a local artist can make her or his mark on the other mural venue.

The Cultural project of Los Pocitos has officially been named "PROYECTO AKOKAN"-- and is a registered cultural project! Akokan comes from the word for "heart" in the religion of Abakuá, one of the predominant religions of the community. The project hosts workshops for the kids of the community (sort of in a Boys and Girls Club framework), and are run by experts in the area. Already, they have had a photography workshop, run by a photography student, and a mask-making worship, run by two cuban art professors.

The building in this picture is the future venue for the workshops. Right now, it needs a new roof, a new door, and a dry-only bathroom. We decided to paint the name of the project on the outside of the building along with the handprints of the kids of the community to give the kids a sense of ownership over the project and their artistic endeavors.

An upcoming workshop: theatre with a local street performer!

I am so pleased with the direction Michael is taking this project, and hope to continue supporting it as it matures.


Rajat A lot of heart and a little money can go a long way. Keep it up.


Anju Sharma

Anju Sharma Emma Zahren-Newman so proud of you, so proud of you and of Vidushi Sharma for carrying this out...