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B*tchn' Bean Burgers

Being a vegetarian has been... Interesting. My diet here has largely consisted of eggs, white rice, white bread, black beans, and pizza. I was getting sick of filling up on unhealthy things for lunch, so I made these Delicious bean burgers! The ingredients were really decided by availability. In this version of bean burgers are: garbanzo beans, red beans, red peppers, yellow onion, garlic, bread crumbs, corn, eggs, salt, and tomatoes. My friend Maddy and i mixed up the ingredients (after cooking the beans and sautéing the veggies), and put half of the mixture in the blender. Then we divided the mixture up in plastic bags and stuck them in the fridge! Now everyday I take a handful of burger mixture out, plop it on a skillet, cut a slice of of my weekly tomato, and make a fresh burger for lunch! Also, I finally found some Mustard in the grocery store for some tasty flavor!
Vidushi Sharma

Vidushi Sharma This is awesome! Is it hard to eat out and get vegetarian options in Cuba? For me, in NZ, the options are largely the same as in the US. I got really lucky because I found an Indian grocery store nearby, so I've been able to make myself some delicious dinners with Anju Sharma's recipes.


Sofia Perello

Sofia Perello Do you get your ingredients at a local market, or are there any big supermarket chains in Cuba?