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It’s time to get creative with the Salad Bar! I agree with the majority of people who say that plain-ole lettuce salad isn’t enough for dinner. That’s why this delicious dish includes not only those veggies full of good things, but also protein like tofu, and grains like rice. Another name for this dish might be “Cid’s Healthy Happiness”—but more on that dish later.

I challenge you… create your own healthy happiness. Pick a grain, pick a protein, load it up on veggies! Remember, mixing hot with cold adds a very interesting dynamic! My personal favorite combination is: brown rice, nuts, cranberries, clemintines, red pepper, and spinach!

Vidushi Sharma

Vidushi Sharma Do you dress it with anything? I find salad with no dressing to be really hard to eat, so I usually at least add olive oil, lime, and salt!


Sofia Perello

Sofia Perello I recommend this salad dressing from the New York Times! http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/12/health/nutrition/12recipehealth.html?_r=0