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How the Virginia Lottery funds our schools

Published: Richmond, Va. (WRIC) - Since 1988, the Virginia Lottery has funneled millions of dollars into education. Profits from the games go straight to schools. Central Virginia gets a lot of money from the lottery. Last year, Richmond got more than $850,000. Chesterfield received $16.2 million. Henrico scored $17.1 million.

When I heard this the other day from a teacher friend in Virginia, I didn't believe it. It turns out, that Virginia Public Schools are partially funded by the Lottery! Something about this is just appalling to me-- that the statistically unwise investment would be connected with teaching our children is absurd. Here's a quick article that's worth a glance. It's so interesting to learn about how the government budgets. Vote YES for your local school budget this year!!!

some noteworthy quotes:

"the money funds specific initiatives like the school breakfast program, special education, and early reading intervention."

"Right now, lottery profits make up about nine percent of Virginia’s $6.1 billion education budget. While some like to say education funding by the Commonwealth has risen, the amount it spends per student has dropped. Virginia ranks 41st in state per pupil funding."


Rajat Unfortunate that turning a "vice into virtue" method has to be resorted to funding of Education. Clearly more State and Federal funding needs to come. The same applies to infrastructure. The government has to be there where private capital does not want to be.