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Check out some of these articles on succulents! You'll find all kinds of tips and tricks - you might even learn something!

Check out this site created by my friend, Patrick! He wanted to learn how to create his own website, so he decided to make it about something he is passionate about: succulents! Not only is his design nice, but his articles are awesome! "I started out reading the articles because I like Patrick, but I finished them because they were good!" -Audrey, his girlfriend, a completely unbiased source.

Adam Pryor

Adam Pryor Very well done. Have to admit I didn't know the names of any other than "Aloe Vera". Does the Aloe grown indoors have the same medicinal properties?


Vidushi Sharma

Vidushi Sharma I JUST saw this and I am in love. I love, love, love succulents (as you probably know, judging from my cactus-themed party last year.) Have you heard of this? http://mentalfloss.com/article/67770/there-video-game-where-you-just-take-care-succulents