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Adam Donabauer Art

Utilizing the program of a gallery space dictated by the effectiveness of natural lighting and time of day - extracted from Chi Chu Art Museum - the Mutant places great emphasis on the individual gallery experience through claustrophobic interior qualities

Explore the work of artist Adam Donabauer who says this "I believe in the generative potential of the pencil as a medium of conceptual expression. The pencils purpose is not to complete the design process, but explore unconstrained notions which are later siphoned with logical and measured findings. The pencil then resurfaces in conclusion, accompanying others as a means of articulating design outcomes."

Emma Zahren-Newman

Emma Zahren-Newman Wow-- what a sense of space. Do you draw any inspiration from M.C. Escher? I wonder, what were your drawings like when you were a small child? I find it amazing how little my style has changed in 20 years, and I wonder if other artists experience the same thing.