- Upon registration, a user (i) must provide real names and real year of birth; (ii) will not provide false information; (iii) cannot open multiple accounts; and (iv) will not open another account when theHobMob™ (“HBM”) closes their account. A user will keep their information updated and accurate and will not attempt to hijack another user’s account. Users will maintain the security of their account and follow prudent practices like frequently changing and using strong passwords. Upon contravention of any guidelines or regulations, HBM may, without any prior notice, at its sole discretion and reasonable judgment decide to delete content or block access to these, posts, blogs and, user accounts. Blocking or termination of user access will not relieve the user of any prior obligations or liability to HBM or third parties. Users may not license, transfer, sell or assign their accounts.

- Use of HBM implies acknowledgement and agreement to follow all rules, regulations, and policies of HBM, which may be updated from time to time.

- A user must be at least 13 years of age. Convicted sex offenders are prohibited from opening accounts. Users will not share any content in written, visual, real or animated form that is commonly deemed as child abuse or exploitation.

- A user may not post inappropriate content, nudity, graphic, or mature content. Users are expected to be courteous and respectful to others. Users may not seek to divert HBM web-traffic to a pornographic web-site.

- A user may not post any content that exhibits violence, hate, promotes strife or glorifies self-harm.

- A user may not bully, defame, intimidate, harass or use discriminatory language against other users.

- A user may not cause mental or psychological stress to other users. A user is solely responsible for any event in their lives. HBM does not bear responsibility for either good or bad events or loss of income in a user’s life.

- A user may not directly or indirectly, through posts or interest blogs, violate any local or international law.

- A user will not use HBM if they are prohibited from receiving products, services and software from the U.S.A.

- A user may not download, modify or duplicate our trademark source code.

- A user will not scrape content, collect other users’ information, transfer any data, use malicious, disruptive virulent code, or attempt to improperly burden either HBM servers or any other infrastructure resulting in denial of service to anyone in the internet domain.

- A user will not: post spam, indulge in phishing, spoofing, computer generated or otherwise, indulge in mass solicitation, or post unwanted commercial content for mass circulation and/or divert traffic to other web-sites or attempt to boost rankings of third party sites.

- A user may not indulge in ranking manipulation through automatic clicks or otherwise or by others any other methods including use of metadata.

- HBM is not responsible for any criminal act or behavior that perpetrators claim to be caused by influence of merely visiting or using HBM.

- HBM is NEVER involved in any transaction of goods or services that may ensue between HBM users. HBM does not handle any payments or provide escrow services. HBM does not authenticate users who are buyers or sellers and HBM does not provide protection to or authentication/certification for any user. HBM DOES NOT solicit financial information from its users. We implore users to restrain themselves to dealing with real physical people and in cash transactions without involvement of shipping to far away lands, with or without, the use of escrow services. The internet is not a safe place and users should not make use of any wire services. Western Union and Moneygram are examples of wire services. Users should beware that banks would hold them criminally responsible for encashment of any fraudulent cashier checks or money orders. Users should direct complaints emanating from their indiscrete transactions with strangers to appropriate government authorities such as:

- HBM is not responsible for any physical or mental harm purportedly caused by user participation in meetup sessions connected with any Interest, Subinterest or member blog. HBM does not conduct a security screen or background checks on users, third parties or attendees of such meetup sessions.

- HBM reserves the right to terminate an account or delete inappropriate content. HBM will not ordinarily reactivate an account that is flagged and deleted because of inappropriate content or usage.

- HBM reserves the right to identify and examine exceptional cases to the above guidelines individually.