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Ben Glackin posted a link interest 'Literature & Mi...'
The communication gap between the humanities and the sciences sometimes reminds me of a bad relationship. Steven Pinker addresses this essay to humanities professors who are quick to distance…

Ben Glackin posted a link in subinterest 'Education'
Grades at Ivy League schools have risen across the board since the 1950s. Today, it is easiest to get a high GPA at Brown, while it is most difficult at Princeton (which, just this year, ended its…

Ben Glackin posted a link interest 'Arts'
A lot of new, expensive art museums are being created in the Middle East. This article just mentions one of them (the Louvre in Abu Dhabi-- along with the Guggenheim!) but here's another:…

Ben Glackin posted a photo in subinterest 'Other Animals'
I'm doing a little work on Dali and found this incredible gem. Unfortunately some other sources say that this anteater, which he walked in Paris in '69, wasn't actually his pet-- but never fear! His…

Ben Glackin posted a link interest 'Good Karma'
Amazing storytelling about the people and humanity that lies in the words "migrant", "alien", or "illegal immigrant" from NPR.

Ben Glackin posted a link interest 'Travel & Outdoo...'
Neat piece on "micro-dwellings" in Hong Kong. Reminds me of other photo-essays I have seen from around the world about how food habits and living spaces differ drastically from place to place.