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Question: What does it mean if a person doesn't want to be on a site like Facebook? Answer: Join theHOBMOB! I got so excited when I read this question on Quora-- another really awesome site for…

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It astonishes me that, in Saudi Arabia, women still cannot drive. I went online to try to hunt down a website for a group tackling this issue, but the only things I found (from a relatively quick…

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Keep fighting the good fight, HOBMOB team! I'm so happy to be a part of this community with a passion for high-quality content and discussion! I know I was out a lot this past semester, but now it's…

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Found this idea on It's almost time to prepare for Valentines Day! I always like to make my friends, family, and loved ones more personal gifts. I feel like DIY projects are…

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Friday night I learned of tragedy in France. On Saturday, I learned that France was not the only victim of recent ISIS attacks. My heart aches for those who grieve. It also aches for the world I…

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