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Francesca Felder posted in subinterest 'TheHOBMOB Story...'
I'm Francesca. My name brings together two very different parts of my family. 'Francesca' carries the Italian-American heritage of my brown-eyed mom, but it's also a feminine version of 'Frank,' the…

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Hey, a late post for the hobmob photo campaign: Ronnie Goodman is a San Francisco artist and marathon runner who is currently homeless. His story is unbelievable. Anyway, much of his art features…

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Feminist Games: Minecraft
Check out this blog ("Feminist Games") about gender and video games! Her Master's thesis is "an Exploration of language, space, and bodies in the Simulation of Gender and…

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Francesca Felder posted in subinterest 'Podcast' New interview with the founder of HobMob! Check it out!

Francesca Felder posted in interest 'Literature & Mi...' New interview with Vidushi Sharma!