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Evan Calves posted in interest 'Movies/TV'
Does anyone know of any good TV shows. It seems like a lot of shows now are either sit-coms or dramas. Ive been looking for a while and haven't really gotten into one. If you have any suggestions,…

Evan Calves posted a photo in interest 'Literature & Mi...'
The Hobbit is a great book for anyone who has a love for mythical creatures like dragons and goblins to people who just want to hear a good story. Even if you have already read The Lord of the Rings…

Evan Calves posted in blog 'Night Games!'
Back to Base! (with a twist!)
Many of you know of the game "Back to Base" in which one person gaurds a "base"(usually a tree) while everyone else hides, and the gaurd counts to 45. After the counting…

Evan Calves posted a photo in blog 'Splatoon'
New Course!
A splatoon DLC update released a new course for users to play on! Bluefin Depot is an old railway port on the ocean that is now used as an epic arena for turf wars and ranked battles. This map is the…

Evan Calves posted a photo in subinterest 'Hiking'
Last winter was my first year of snowshoeing. I loved it so much and I live in the perfect place for it because of all the county parks with many trails fit for hiking, trail running, walking your…

Evan Calves posted in blog 'Splatoon'
Welcome! Splatoon is a new game released by Nintiendo on May 28, 2015. click on this link to watch the official Nintiendo trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=38&v=8L54s2m1dPs For more info…