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David Trefler posted in interest 'Community'
What are some of your favorite sources for quality news? I'm looking to expand past just the New York Times, which has always been my go-to.

David Trefler posted a link interest 'Animals'
It's tough to pay attention to endangered species-- there are so many that need our attention, and how are we to choose amongst them? But articles like this make me think we need a better way of…

David Trefler posted in subinterest 'Economy'
Just in time for the Democratic debate, I'm wondering what will happen with the Sanders-Clinton conversations about the economy. Will Clinton be forced to take more extreme or more moderate stances to…

David Trefler posted in subinterest 'The Classics'
Haec epistula orbem terrarum cognitarum saepenumero cucurrit et fortunam secundam fert ubicumque eat. Decem exemplaria fac et eos mitte ad amicos. Noli catenam fragere. Homo Gallicus catenam fregit,…

David Trefler posted a link in subinterest 'Tennis'
In time for the US Open: As a tennis enthusiast, I have always realized how restrictive the sport is in its current audience-- usually wealthy, white suburban parents and their children. We can only…

David Trefler posted a photo in interest 'Travel & Outdoo...'
One of my best summer experiences has been a repeated one- taking walks with family, friends, and my dogs in the local trails around my home. Walking in the forest helps me think and gives me some of…