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Ava Woods posted a video in subinterest 'Globetrotters'
Sweet little animation showing the nuanced differences between Paris and New York!

Ava Woods posted in subinterest 'International P...'
British imperialism on my mind... I was browsing the web today and surprised to find that information on the debate about the Elgin marbles is posted on the British Museum website. I have always…

Ava Woods posted a link interest 'Money'
"I'm fiscally conservative but I'm socially liberal!" Boy, am I sick of hearing this. This article makes a great point about why one can't just separate fiscal from social issues.

Ava Woods posted a photo in subinterest 'TheHOBMOB Photo...'
Walked by St. Philip's St. in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana today. The French Quarter is one of the most interesting collection of streets I've been to in the USA! I have found…

Ava Woods posted a link interest 'Good Karma'
Can CEOs do more good than NGOs? Can bankers save more lives than doctors? These questions have been on my mind as I consider what to do after my graduation from college. I've been reading about…

Ava Woods posted a link interest 'Literature & Mi...'
Great article about a subtle topic: the availability of naskh vs nastaliq script online for Urdu speakers and writers.