My Experiments with Food

I don't like following recipes but I do like to read or glance at them to get ideas. Problem is I forget what had worked and what had not. So this blog is for me to remind of my victories and mistakes as well as for whoever wishes to take the gyan (;P). I appreciate comments and tips. Please do so!


Lobia tikki (black eyed beans patties)

Since I had boiled black eyed beans ready, and noone was in a mood to have them, I drained out the water and threw it in the food processor along with powdered oats and chopped onion ginger coriander salt pepper amchur. Taste it, form patties, shallow fry. Healthy and tasty! 


Puff pastries with spinach filling

Puff pastry sheets are fun to use. Generally I fill them with a potato peas onion mix. This time we used spinach. In a little oil fry lots of garlic and onions and add the spinach. Once done add paneer and some powdered oats to bind. Salt pepper. Fill and fold. Brush with egg white for shine and stick some sesame  seeds or black peppercorn  on top. Bake till done.


Sooji laddoo

I am lazy and do not plan ahead of time so I end up looking in my pantry to see what ingredients I have and decide the menu accordingly. This Diwali all I could find was sooji and coconut powder so decided to make sooji laddoos. Since I had no recipe of my own I read a few online and then followed these directions. So even though I cannot give credit to one site, or even to myself, as what I follow is more random, I like to note it down here for my own future reference. I first roasted in ghee some badaam (almonds) that had been soaked earlier along with some raisins. Total of about 2-4 tbsp. Set them aside. Dry roasted about a cup of sooji. Added about 2-3 tbsp ghee and roasted again. Added about 1/2-1/3 cups of coconut powder, roasted more, about 1/2 sugar, elaichi powder, nuts, and a few spoons of warm milk. Took off the stove, cooled just a bit, and formed round laddoos. Came out pretty well!


Baby bok choy

I wish I had remembered to take a picture! Chopped baby bok choy fine throwing out just the very hard part of the base. Olive oil in hot pan, add garlic and ginger chopped fine. Brown it a little. Add chopped bok choy. Add salt, black pepper, few drops of soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, agave. We loved it. Recipe isn't mine totally- took the idea from somewhere on the net but didn't make elaborate dressing. I dump in what I have. Imagine and improvise. Turned out ok.. actually, good ;)


A spread made of peas!

I saw a picture of something like this earlier yesterday and it haunted me. I knew it was made of peas but couldn't remember where I saw it so I couldn't get a recipe. Well, nothing wrong with discovering your own spread! The menu for the night was cold pasta salad and garlic bread. So I boiled some frozen peas with garlic, put them in the grinder with salt, pepper, and some fresh sage ( because that's what I had available) and added some olive oil and lime juice. We felt something was missing. Some raw taste was there. So indianized it!! Made a small chhaunka of a spoon of olive oil on fire and added the tiny mustard seeds (rai). Toasted bread, spread this luxuriously, and really enjoyed with the pasta salad. Next time, I will try added avocado to it. All good fat!