I have something to say

It contains my thoughts mostly in poetry


Our Hero

Wrting book reviews have been my hobby but it was such a pleasure to go through the autobigraphy of Dr Abdul Kalam. I read and re-read before writing,

The most precious gift I got was the auograph of Dr .Kalam when my Husband presented him with a copy.


My regret------------- I could not meet him in person.


Good bye most beloved scientist politician former President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam

Millions Salam to Kalam.......A hero whose autographI preserved  on the article I had written , My Husband presented him a copy of the review I had written on his autobiography "Wings of Fire" in DIAS Technology Review and one week later we received a mail from him.I was elated. A man of his stature and epitome of humility and wish he will be born again in INDIA,


Good by most beloved scientist politician Dr. Abdul Kalam



Clap for yourself

When things are going bad

and you are feeling sad

clap for yourself

for you are moving uphill.......STILL

When no one seems to care

and no one is there to share

clap for yourself

for God is listening in silence ....STILL

When you feel like crying

and to hide it you are trying

clap for your self

for exchanging smile with tears 

is a tough task to bear

and you are trying ...STILL




After being deferred Senior Lecturership (19.07.2007)......Presently working as Reader and Placement Advisor

Disappointments, dejection and despair

May hurt, may be, beyond repair

Yet one needs to celebrate them

From sufferings, happiness do stem

The path we wish to treed

Ins far inferior where God wants us to lead

So be peaceful, be calm

Dignified and surrounded by His charm

Surrender thyself completely and feel secure

For he is weaving unseen success above all your failure.













Real Life Experience


              When someone ignores you

Just remember he is not worth your company

       When someone insults you

Just remember he himself is insecure somewhere

                When someone cheats you

Just remember later his wounds will be deeper than yours

              When someone belittles you

Just remember he is finding himself inferior to you

                   When someone leaves   you

Just remember God wants you to get someone better

Every darkness is to be followed by a shining ray

              This is my experience till this day.