Street art of Montreal, Canada

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Little Italy in Montreal, Canada, an enticing neighborhood of cool cafes, thrift and other shops, lots of Jews, at least one beautiful imposing church, a cool ice cream shop "Kol Coba" and lots and lots of super cool street art!


Planning a vacation!!

One of my favorite pastimes these days is planning for our upcoming vacation. And I sometimes get stressed out doing that too. Which then makes me wonder if a vacation is worth it if you have to spend hours in the evenings simply putting it all together. And I wonder if it would be better to book an organized tour and let others take up the job. But then I think would I rather be a follower of someone who I don't even know or see what he/she wants me to see. Or would I rather choose where to go and see what i would want to spend my thousands of dollars of hard-earned money which might actually do more good sitting in my retirement account!! So I carry on again. And again. And again. Looking up vrbo.com and airbnb.com. Communicating with prospective landlords about their houses. Checking distances on google maps from the station and the airport and the local attractions I would like to see. Then going back to Tripadvisor and Frommer's and Fodor's looking for experiences and knowledge of others. Asking questions and reading those of others. Deviating to websites of museums and towns and blogs of multiple people. And spend time watching videos and looking through google images. Then discovering a non-touristy jewel which becomes a must-see. And have cool conversations with some property owners who are being really nice and helpful. So much so that I want to rent their house just so as not to disappoint them. And wonder about their lives. And sometimes even google their name to see who they are in real life. Some bring smiles to my face when I read their emails. Others bring warmth to my heart when I see their efforts at helping me. And I feel the time I spent is really worth it! But I still have the fear that I might get a headache standing in queues at the attractions. Which makes me want to look up the best option to book tickets in advance. Which leads me to planning minutae regarding when I would be reaching where! And then I decide I really do not want to do the same thing that everyone else does. So I get back to planning how I could make my vacation different. To top it all I am on a budget. Which makes it even more difficult to get all my horses lined up. But it is fun and the fun continues. And now Mishti please don't tell me I shouldn't write like this. Or that I used the wrong tense. Or the grammar sucks. Because this is meant to convey what is going on in my head at this time. And it really is giving me a headache. So I think it might be a better idea to go for a walk right now and get some fresh air ;))


More about Charlie Chaplin in Waterville Ireland

We rented a house down the street in this town. There is nice golf course here. Browse here


This is where Charlie Chaplin vacationed

Waterville, Kerry County , Ireland 


Ireland and it's magic

National Geographic's article on the castles of Ireland reminded me of the wonderful times we had there last summer. The castles we visited were Ballycarberry in County Kerry and Bunratty (seen just from outside) in County Clare. I must try to post some of our wonderful pictures from the trip. The children loved the sheep everywhere. The thing about Ireland's beauty is that it is as is, not touched or made up. You can just drive and sit and relax and drive and walk and see and......

Let me try to link NG here.