Rebirth of Gaea

My artwork, REBIRTH of GAEA, is an epic visual tapestry delicately interweaving reflections on spirituality and the human experience. Birth and innocence, suffering and empathy, fear and wonder... through the millennia, countless allegorical interpretations of these universal experiences have been illuminated through the world’s religions, wisdom traditions and mythologies. I chose the narratives of the ancient Greeks as the visual vehicle from which to base his imagery.


A Brief Overview

This video explains the process and overview of the project. Much of the Rebirth of Gaea's creation was a learning experience which resulted in breaking technilogical boundaries. This piece of art is a high enough resolution to print on the side of a building!  here is the link (I couldn't embed it):


Mythology of Rebirth of Gaea

A visual love letter for my daughter.

This video describes the mythological underpinnings and personal anecdotes of REBIRTH of GAEA.

REBIRTH of GAEA is an epic visual tapestry delicately interweaving reflections on the environment and spirituality through the rich imagery of Greek Mythology. My daughter Emma has had a deep connection to the environment for as long as I can remember. As she grew older and became enchanted with Greek Mythology, I decided to show my support for her interests by creating REBIRTH of GAEA, depicting her as the Goddess of Earth.

The incredible music, "Death is the Road to Awe" by Clint Mansell, is available on iTunes and Amazon.


Deconstructing Gaea I

The first video I did showing how I created Flowing Meditation, a small part of Rebirth of Gaea...


Deconstructing Gaea II

Here is my latest video showing the process I used to create several of the vignettes within Rebirth of Gaea... the Nebulaic Embryo, Cronos, Gaea Longs for Ouranos, and the butterfly animation.  Enjoy!