On the A Train: Exploring a Journey

"There is a certain communication taking place between the lamp post and the sidewalk...as distant statues hail the evening traffic forward... At some point, the ongoing constructs of social space internalize within us. It is the job of the poet to hear out these missives and to recognize the urban landscape we carry within our poems." Here, I like to carry out this duty that Brian Turner suggests: I listen for a communication between the poet and public transit.


Sunrise for Cymbeline

Last Wednesday, I went on a little adventure to New York City so that I could see The Public Theater's free production of Cymbeline. The catch in this amazing opportunity is that you have to get on line in Central Park early in the morning in order to get tickets! With this in mind, I awoke before dawn to catch a 5:20am bus to Port Authority. Drifting in and out of sleep, induced by the cradle-like rocking of the bus, I glimpsed this sunrise over Secaucus. I affectionately titled this photo, "Sunrise for Cymbleine."


Take the A Train

The A Train, which happens to be where I took a picture of this sweet couple, runs from JFK through Brooklyn, Manhattan, and into Harlem. The song "Take the A Train" written by Billie Strayhorn in 1941, exhorts its listeners to take the A Train because it's the fastest way to get to Sugar Hill in Harlem. This song harkens back to a time when Harlem was a musical center, and Sugar Hill was a place for wealthy African Americans moved to enjoy the "sweet life." As I discovered on my own A Train ride, there is still plenty of sweetness on its way to Sugar Hill. Thanks to this couple for reminding me!



Poetic direction for my blog

Since my blog is young, I'm searching for a captivating direction to take it in. The following article describes beautifully some ideas that I want to explore! However, my focus will of course be on the city structures of transit!

This article reveals some interesting history of poetry and ideas for "urban poets" to think about. 


As Seen from the 163 Bus!

A perk of riding the bus is that you get to sit and really take in the views around you. It is almost meditative.