Sunsets along the Hackensack

You can never stop wondering !


When greed hits you..

"When greed hits you like a wave
You don’t need water to drown you.
Whether it’s reigning king
Or pretty queen,
Chanting pundit
Or miracle–working yogi,
They’ll die by drowning
In a waterless sea.
Who survives? 
Whose minds, Kabir says, Are tied to rocks. "

Kabir-15th century Indian mystic poet and saint


May 23rd 2016

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Vain attempt to capture something so ephemeral.



"So, with his heart serene and fearless,

Firm in the vow of renunciation,

Holding the mind from its restless roaming,

Now let him struggle to reach my oneness,

Ever-absorbed, his eyes on me always,

His prize, his purpose"

~Bhagwat Gita

 Meditating with body, head neck held erect, vision indrawn gazing at the tip of the nose; silent chanting of the vedic mantra "Soham" . Breathe in "So" or I am and breathe out "ham" or that i.e "I am that".