Sunsets along the Hackensack

You can never stop wondering !


Don't remember much except ..

Worn-out garments
Are shed by the body:
Worn-out Bodies
Are shed by the dweller
Within the body.
New bodies are donned
By the dweller, like new garments.

Not wounded by weapons
Not burned by fire,
...Not dried by the wind, 
Not wetted by water:
Such is the Atman, 

Not dried, not wetted, 
Not burned, not wounded,
Innermost element,
Everywhere, always,
Being of beings
Changeless, eternal,
For ever and ever.
- From the Bhadavad-Gita

Swami Prabhavnanda and Christopher Isherwood





March 2016

"Her heart was made of liquid sunsets." 

~ Virginia Woolf


March 08 2016

Sooryaya swáahá,
Sooryáya idam na mama
Prajápataye swáahá,
Prajápataye idam na mama

Unto the sun I am offering this 
offering. This is not mine, this is Thine.



March 4th 2016

How can time be real? "Kutah kalo bhavishyati"