Sunsets along the Hackensack

You can never stop wondering !



Creativity is the strongest link
in this chain which makes up our lives
necessity is the mother of invention
but art is the goddess of beauty and expression
to go through life shackled,
not to be allowed expression or to create beauty
is true slavery, hence...
the free mind and the unfettered heart,
find ways to break those bonds of blindness and silence
with art, music and poetry  and literature
to be released from those shackles
of suppression and oppression
and let our hearts and minds breathe
as we were meant to.
if this is possible in your world...
count your blessings.

by Wolf Spirit, 2014 (


An imaginary sunset for a change

Eye of a storm. 


Winter 2015-16

Evening Glow


Winter 2015-16 Sunsets

"As a spiritual being 

man is both in and out of time, 

feeling himself bound by time 

and seeking to be free from it.”  G.C.Pande