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Whirlpool Galaxy ( M51) A Seyfert type II galaxy, M51's spiral structure has been enhanced by a most apparent close encounter with its smaller neighbor, NGC 5195. Surprisingly, eight years separates the discoveries of these two galaxies.

Kathreen Riya

Kathreen Riya

Node.js versions 8 | Node.js V8 | Features of Node.js v8

What are the new features incorporated in Node. js V8 - Check out here all the new features of the latest version of Node.js.

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Exoplanets or planets orbiting other stars like are Sun are under intense focus. One of the methods to look for planets orbiting the star is to look for relative dip in intensity of light from the star which will dip as the planet passes in front of it. The Kepler space telescope has been most used to investigate exoplanets in the search for habitable planets and life in the universe. In this particular example I look at the star WASP43 which has been found to have a Jupiter like planet known as "hot" Jupiter ( with a 1.8 times mass) because it orbits very close to the star with an orbital period of only 0.81 days. This data was collected over a 12 hour period yielding a distinct V shape corresponding to the transit of the hot Jupiter like planet transiting in front of WASP 43. The shaded portion represents the predicted transit period, the red dots are the reference points and the black dots represented the data captured by me. WASP 43 is 80 parsecs or about 260 light years away from the Earth.

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My list of 6 valuable resources that will help you to learn English without being bored

While studying English on my own, I found a lot of handy and interesting websites that I want to share with you. If cramming is not for you, do not be upset, there are many fun and engaging ways to learn a foreign language.

In this post, I offer you fourteen useful resources that will make the educational process an exciting experience. You will find a lot of games, videos, crossword puzzles, and many other interesting learning activities and materials.

The dull learning process is going to turn into a thrilling adventure. Choose which methods you like, maybe several at once. Remember that the key to success in learning a language is consistency.

BBC Lenaring English

This website is for learning the British English. It has a large number of learning activities, videos with captions, and audio transcriptions. A separate section is devoted to pronunciation. You will surely enjoy the course called 6 Minute English that has short, six-minute videos on various topics. Each video has its text version.


It is quite easy to find an English-speaking companion on Busuu (in addition to English you can learn eleven other languages). This site offers a large number of lessons which will help to memorize words, practice pronunciation, and learn other aspects of English. Your work will be assessed by native speakers. You, in turn, can check how they complete their tasks when they study your mother tongue.


Even children are going to like this website. There are a lot of written tasks and dictations. There is a vocabulary section where you can practice the words you already learned. During a single course, you can learn up to two thousand words. As you progress through the lessons, you will help others to translate websites and documents. In addition to the website, there are iOS and Android apps.


This website offers you plenty of podcasts on a variety of topics. Vocabulary is easy to digest and absorb due to easy-going delivery methods and humorous components.

Two minute English

This resource will better suite those who prefer to watch videos. Most of the videos do not actually last two minutes. They are usually a bit longer and last about four or five minutes, but this is unlikely to be a significant matter. You can upload videos to your phone to watch and listen on your way to the work. It may be very convenient for many of us.

British Council: LearnEnglish

Here you will also find a big number of training materials: videos, podcasts, games. Most importantly, you will get access to a massive section dedicated to preparing for the IELTS exam.

Bottom line

More and more people turn their eyes to online education. Studying online is a comfortable, cost-effective, and time-saving learning tactic. However, you should understand the risks. With the rise of such threats like crypto-viruses and Skype cyber predators, you may easily become a victim.

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Rajat Nice meeting you at the Secaucus Green festival. Best of luck.


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Anju Sharma Prachi- you were looking for a beauty/skincare expert... here you go!