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Anju Sharma

Anju Sharma posted a photo in blog 'Creating Memori...'

Street art of Montreal, Canada

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Little Italy in Montreal, Canada, an enticing neighborhood of cool cafes, thrift and other shops, lots of Jews, at least one beautiful imposing church, a cool ice cream shop "Kol Coba" and lots and lots of super cool street art!

TheHobMob posted a photo in subinterest 'Giving Back'

theHOBMOB, in conjunction with the Town of Secaucus, presents
Annual Used Bicycle & Sewing Machine Drive

We’re collecting adult and kids’ bikes to send to Nicaragua, Ghana, Albania, Fiji and Guatemala. Do your part to put unused bikes and sewing machines to good use in the developing world.Bikes should be rust free. No children’s trikes, but bikes with flat tires in need of some repair are accepted. Portable sewing machines should be in working condition $10 minimum donation with each bike or sewing machine is requested for shipping. A tax-deductible receipt for all cash and material donations will be provided on site by the representative from Pedals for Progress.

The town Mayor Mike Gonnelli has enabled this act of Good Karma. He has worked painstakingly to put together and make it happen.

Saturday April 8, 2017
9 am – 12 noon

Secaucus Recreation Center
Parking Lot
1200 Koelle Blvd.
Secaucus, NJ 07094


TheHobMob posted a link in subinterest 'Giving Back'

Secaucus bike lane in the works on Meadowlands Parkway

SECAUCUS - Secaucus is getting its very first bike lane, and there may be more on the way. The first lane is currently under construction on the west side of Meadowlands Parkway and will run from the former Hess property near Route 3 to the Harmon Cove condominium complex about a mile down the road.

Secaucus continues the green eco-friendly drive. Mayor Mike Gonnelli "Secaucus is a very bike-friendly town - it's a good town to bike in," he added. "It really is not like Hoboken or any other (Hudson County town) like that. There's always room to bike."

"While the existing paths currently allow for bicycles, this phase will be the first bike path solely dedicated to bicycles, said Scott Goodman, field manager with AJM construction. Phase One consists of a bike path on Meadowlands Parkway southbound from the Route 3 exit to the parking garage and enhancement of the gravel path behind the Meadowlands Hospital. One traffic signal will be updated to include a signal for bicycles, added Goodman.

Phase Two of the project, which is awaiting funding and redevelopment of a property near the Route 3 Bridge, will extend the bike path and create one continuous path from Mill Creek Park to behind Harmon Cove, said Goodman."

Emma Zahren-Newman

Emma Zahren-Newman posted a link interest 'Food & Drink'

Bedford 2020 forum tackles the politics of food

CLOSE The halls of Fox Lane High School were teeming with nearly a thousand food activists this weekend. From veteran farmers to community-minded home cooks to entrepreneurial teens, attendees of the Bedford 2020 Food Forum all had one thing in common: they were hungry for ways to get involved in the local food movement.

Look at how awesome Ellen Calves is!!!! She organized this amazing event this weekend that pulled together "nearly a thousand food activists" for a forum on the local food movement!


Rajat Yes indeed, local food goes hand in hand with sustainability.


Emma Zahren-Newman

Emma Zahren-Newman posted a photo in subinterest 'Los Pocitos'

A few weeks ago, I headed back to Cuba to visit friends and family. While I was there, Michael asked me and some friends, including Vidushi Sharma, to create another mural. Being the ambitious folks we are, we decided to try to make TWO murals-- one small one on the side of the new Cultural Center (!!!!), and another nearby on a medic's house. Due to weather complications, we only were able to complete the painting on the side of the cultural center, but we left paint and money so that a local artist can make her or his mark on the other mural venue.

The Cultural project of Los Pocitos has officially been named "PROYECTO AKOKAN"-- and is a registered cultural project! Akokan comes from the word for "heart" in the religion of Abakuá, one of the predominant religions of the community. The project hosts workshops for the kids of the community (sort of in a Boys and Girls Club framework), and are run by experts in the area. Already, they have had a photography workshop, run by a photography student, and a mask-making worship, run by two cuban art professors.

The building in this picture is the future venue for the workshops. Right now, it needs a new roof, a new door, and a dry-only bathroom. We decided to paint the name of the project on the outside of the building along with the handprints of the kids of the community to give the kids a sense of ownership over the project and their artistic endeavors.

An upcoming workshop: theatre with a local street performer!

I am so pleased with the direction Michael is taking this project, and hope to continue supporting it as it matures.


Rajat A lot of heart and a little money can go a long way. Keep it up.


Anju Sharma

Anju Sharma Emma Zahren-Newman so proud of you, so proud of you and of Vidushi Sharma for carrying this out...



Rajat posted a video in subinterest 'Tennis'

Roger Federer - Best Points in high definition
YouTube l

A Fed feast. What Roger did to Nadal in Australian Open final 2017:
"Took away his best stroke inside out FH" by:
1. Eliminating slice BH thereby not giving Nadal set up time.
2. Hitting flat over the ball ob BH and taking it early.
3. Hitting cross court flat BH
4. Mixing flat BH with loopy balls to upset rythem.
5. Eliminated side to side play pattern by hitting agressively on every ball, this kept rallies short and never let Nadal set into a rhythm.
As a result Nadal was forced to hit down the line FH which is spectacular to look at but also prone to errors.

Leon Russell

Leon Russell posted a photo in subinterest 'Fashion'

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Rajat posted a video in subinterest 'Engineering'

Stanford researchers debunk popular flight models by flying birds through lasers
YouTube l

Stanford reserachers trained parrotlets to wear cute laser goggles and fly through laser beams in order to study the air particles and vortices and thereby validate models of lift produced off its wake. They found that assumptions in all existing models were "wrong".
"The results are commonly referenced for work on flying robots and drones inspired by the biology of these animals. Bio-inspired robots are a specialty of Lentink – his students developed the first flapping robot that can take off and land vertically like an insect and a swift-like robot with wings that deform as it swoops and glides.


Anju Sharma

Anju Sharma What an amazing idea to get the teeny weeny parrots to wear goggles for protection and research! Can we say no bird was harmed in testing?